Humane Education for Kids

We're not all about the animals at SafeHaven; we're all about kids too! We believe it is so important to instill in our children compassion, respect, responsibility and care for all animals. Through a variety of Humane Education programs, we help children and all community members strengthen the human-animal bond. Our education program provides age appropriate curriculum, materials and service opportunities for youth throughout the region. Click here to download a complete list of our humane education programs, and get your children involved today!

There are so many benefits from having humane education programs for animals, kids and our communities.

For Animals

  • Prevents cruelty and abuse
  • Promotes pet health and responsible care
  • Prevents pet overpopulation
  • Solves behavior challenges so pets stay in their homes, not shelters

For Kids

  • Teaches positive values like compassion and responsibility
  • Encourages services to others
  • Provides fun, constructive use of free time

For Communities

  • Promotes animal safety
  • Prevents animal overpopulation

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call 541.928.6280 or email