Shelter Enrichment

It's a frustrating statistic for us animal lovers to hear: every year, thousands of animals are returned to shelters because families decide they are too much work or they are unprepared for the amount of effort it will take to integrate a pet into their home.

SafeHaven Humane Society would love to change this unfortunate fact! In order to help increase the adoptability of many of the homeless dogs that reside at the shelter, as well as increase their chances of staying in their home forever, SafeHaven has created several programs to provide dogs with the basic training skills they need to relieve the boredom and stress they can experience in a shelter environment or a new home. Many of our dogs need special practice in impulse control (such as learning that treats and praise come to those that keep four paws on the floor), reactivity, leash training, socialization and more. 

SafeHaven currently has several volunteers who have been specifically trained to work with our shelter dogs. After getting specialized training from our Enrichment and Training Staff, these wonderful volunteers commit to abiding by the strict training guidelines and extra training hours to help SafeHaven save even more lives. They participate in training sessions, play groups, walking groups,shelter dog fun day and work closely with our staff to give our dogs the best shot at a bright future. 

If helping shelter dogs put their best paw forward is of interest to you, give us a call today at 541.926.2924 or email for details on how you can get involved with the program!