Volunteer Positions with SafeHaven

The following volunteer opportunities are currently available at SafeHaven:

Morning Cleaning Assistant

SafeHaven prides itself on providing a clean, sanitary kennel for each animal each day! Every morning our staff, with the help of volunteers, clean every animals’ kennel, and provide them with clean blankets, food, water, and toys. This process is very time consuming, and we depend on volunteers to be able to get everything done in time to open the shelter to the public. Volunteers can sign up to help with morning cleaning duties for either dogs or cats. Morning cleaning is daily from 8 to 11 a.m. and includes not only helping us with the animals but also doing dishes, sweeping and mopping.

Dog Socialization

We understand how stressful the shelter environment may be on an animal. To help overcome this stress, the shelter depends on volunteers to come to the shelter and help give the animals the extra attention needed to feel happy! We have 5 play yards at the shelter for dogs to get out and exercise. Our goal at SafeHaven is to get each dog out of its kennel and into a play yard a minimum of three times a day. Volunteers play a vital role in accomplishing this goal. Volunteers are encouraged to take dogs into yards to play, work on commands, be brushed and loved on! The human interaction that the dogs get through this volunteer socialization helps prevent aggressive behavior, as well depression in the animals. Dog socialization takes place between noon and close each day, and we prefer our volunteers be able to commit to two hours each week. Volunteers are also given the opportunity to attend free classes with our Behavior and Training Staff to learn the basics in dog behavior to safely and effectively serve our shelter dogs. 

Cat Socialization

Cats have specific needs that must be met in order for them to be successful in a shelter environment. SafeHaven has a cat room filled with toys, treats, brushes, and windows to help meet these needs. Our goal at SafeHaven is to get every cat out of its kennel a minimum of three times a day. Volunteers are encouraged to let cats out to play, be brushed, given treats, and cuddled! Cat socialization takes place between noon and close each day and we prefer our volunteers be able to commit to two hours each week.


The internet has become a great resource to communicate with the public. We try to keep pictures of all our adoptable animals on our website, so people are able to view them from the comfort of their own home. We need volunteers to come in and help photograph our adoptable animals for our website. This is a great way to volunteer, and have a flexible schedule. We also need help getting photos at our community events.

Community Outreach

It is important to get our animals out into the community, and educate the community on what we do! Volunteers are always need to help with taking animals into nursing homes, Petco, and other outreach events. If you are interested in helping with our community outreach program, email volunteer@safehavenhumane.com

Fundraising and Events

As a non-profit organization, we run solely on donations and fundraising efforts. Depending on the type of event, volunteers can be asked to perform a variety of task. Being a fundraising and events volunteer is a great way to get involved without committing to a set weekly schedule. If you are interested in getting involved with our fundraising events, email volunteer@safehavehumane.com.

Front Office Volunteer

The front desk is the first thing people see when they enter SafeHaven. It is often very busy, and volunteers are needed to help with office tasks such as filing, data entry, returning phone messages, making copies, and assembling adoption packets. This position also entails greeting customers and answering customer questions.

Shelter Beautification Assistance

We always need help with yard work, including flower planting projects weeding, cutting back bushes, washing dog houses, trash removal and more. To use power tools or to mow, volunteers much be at least 18 years of age or older.

Questions? Email us at volunteer@safehavenhumane.com or give us a call at 541.928.2789.